Mill Street BBQ Opens March 10, 2019

By Aviva Luttrell,


Scott Tefft's food truck is putting down roots in Worcester.

Tefft is opening a brick-and-mortar location on Mill Street this Thursday, serving up the business’ award-winning pulled pork, Texas brisket and ribs in a permanent home. The restaurant — Mill Street BBQ Company — is located at 242 Mill Street in the space formerly occupied by Legacy Grill & Bar.

A retired Worcester County Jail and House of Correction worker and chef of 30 years, Tefft began experimenting with barbecue two decades ago when a friend let him use an old-school, cast-iron smoker from Georgia. That same year, he bought his own smoker and began catering backyard barbecues.

“Over the course of the next 14 years, I perfected my products.


A lot of things worked and didn’t work, I was able to hone those down,” he said. “I’m more of a traditional barbecuer, but I use a lot of New England flavors — maple syrups, dry brown sugars and spice content with nutmeg and allspice and whatnot.”

In 2014, Tefft bought a small food trailer and began parking at events throughout Central Massachusetts. Satisfied with the response, he began investing more in the trailer and attending additional events.


He’s since added a second trailer and won Wachusett Mountain’s BBQFest for the past four years.


“I had a lot of friends and family — my brother is my partner — who were pushing for me to take the next step and open a restaurant,” he said.


When the Mill Street location became available in January, Tefft said he thought the spot would be perfect. The 88-seat restaurant features a full bar and is located next to Coes Reservoir. This summer, he plans to build a 50-person outdoor patio with views of the pond.


Tefft previously prepared its food in a small kitchen and a 30-foot trailer that houses a large rotisserie-style Southern Pride BBQ smoker on the back. That trailer is now parked behind the new restaurant, where Tefft will continue to smoke meats.


He said the menu offerings haven’t changed, and recommended that any newcomers try the BBQ Sundae — a dish that allows customers to pick a base, including country rice, mac and cheese or baked beans and cornbread, followed by a protein and a topping.

“It’s kind of a play on an ice cream sundae,” he said.

Tefft also plans to offer some type of live music at the restaurant, especially outdoors once the weather warms up. He also hopes to use the restaurant’s large parking lot to host food truck events during the summer months.